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Including borehole siting (geophysics), borehole drilling and testing, groundwater quality analysis and groundwater use registration.

  • Magnetic surveys – for dolerite areas such as the Karoo
  • ERT Surveying – measures the resistivity of material
Drilling supervision
  • Borehole final depth and construction specification
  • Borehole logging including water strikes and final yield measurement
  • Report including log and blow yield information
Pump testing and borehole quality analysis
  • Step test, constant test and recovery monitoring
  • Aquifer parameter determination
  • Report including borehole yield, pump installation depth and water quality
Borehole pump installations
  • Installation of borehole pump systems including;
    • Submersible pumps
    • Water tanks
    • Booster pumps
  • Backup water and rainwater harvesting installations
GIS and remote sensing
  • Spatial representation of information and map drafting
  • Aerial surveying
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Talk to the team that listens to you


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